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Are you paying too much for in-house expertise that can be performed remotely, at costs far below what similar expertise would cost in the United States?

In today’s world, expertise such as: Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Motion Graphics, SEO, Analytics, Social Media and PR’s can be performed by contractors that work virtually - using the Internet to collaborate from wherever in the globe they are located.

Ever thought about outsourcing to experts in foreign countries?

Outsourcing means you don’t need to deal with the costs of employing someone full-time. You don’t need to bother with payroll taxes, benefits, state and federal workplace regulations and office accommodations. Full-time employees can be very expensive. Let’s say you hire someone for $50,000 in a permanent position, it may actually cost you almost 50% more to employ them.

True Cost of Hire:

  • $50,000 for a base salary
  • $7,500-12,000 in benefits (based on packages and PTO)
  • $3,825 in Social Security and Medicare Taxes
  • $3,000 in Federal Unemployment Tax
  • $2,500 (estimated) in State Unemployment Tax
  • TOTAL: Approx $70,000 (not even including overhead: computer, phone, heat, building, paper, pens, training, etc.)

We are Eminénte a nearshore provider, at a price you can afford. Conveniently located in Central America for effective collaboration. Imagine the possibilities. What can you accomplish with a team of professionals for the cost of 1 US employee?

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